Dr. Larsen is a miracle worker!!! In 2012 while driving home from work on Hwy 36 traveling at approximately 60 mph, I was hit by another driver from behind causing my jeep to spin out of control and roll several times. I was subsequently treated by many doctors and in several physical therapy program but continued to have trouble walking, standing and riding my horse. At the same time, I was first evaluated by Dr. Dan, I was also evaluated by 2 spine specialists from Regions but was quickly disenchanted once more and began to see Dr. Dan instead and am I ever glad I did!
– KL

Rivertown Chiropractic is great! Extremely friendly staff and Dr. Larsen has been very helpful in my recovery from an auto injury.
– Shawna O

When I first came to see Dr. Larsen after suffering a whiplash injury caused by a car accident. I was overwhelmed with pain and loss of function I truly despaired over my health-after through and attentive and compassionate care I have made the kind of progress that gives me confidence to attain a complete recovery where chiropractic is concerned. Marilyn has also been a pleasant and caring greeter as well, making this a good and valued experience.

ince going to Dr. Larsen feel like a new person. I had back surgery and had another bout with it I this past year. Dr. Larsen as taken care of my back and No Surgery! I recommend him to all my family and friends.
– KG

Thank you, Dr. Larsen, for relieving my back pain. It’s been a blessing to have found you! Your office has brought healing physically and emotionally! Blessings,
– Shari M

Friendly service! Coming here has made a world of difference in how my back feels. I love being here!
– SJ

Since coming to Dr. Larsen my neck and back have had remarkable recovery. My previous chiropractor failed to take away the neck pain and his treatment for my back were not as effective a Dr. Larsen. Also, I am a Christian and so are Dr. Larsen and his staff. What a blessing. Thank you, Lord. PTL
– Dennis V

Dr. Larsen changed my life! I have had constant back pain for my whole life – he straightened me out and now I have been virtually pain free.
– Cathy B

Dr. Larsen has such a gentle approach to my “ichy” back ache. Best part is he helps take the ache away.
– Pieter

After many years of pain and locking up of my back, I am now back to normal and able to play on the floor with my kids thanks to Dr. Larsen.
– CD

Dr. Larsen has helped me with a painful old shoulder injury. Rivertown Chiropractic found an affordable care plan for you. I’m thankful my body is getting better.
– Lindsay

Dr. Larsen is Awesome!

I was always afraid to go to a chiropractor until my back was so bad, I felt I didn’t have a chance. Dr. dan has helped me so much! Not only to feel comfortable but to help me heal. I’m grateful I decided to try it out. My back definitely thanks me!
I went from struggling to be able to get out of bed to regaining my active lifestyle.
– Bob B.

I’m extremely impressed with Dr. Larsen and his staff. I have seen Dr. Larsen numerous times over the past few years and it’s clear he not only ha extensive knowledge on how our bones and muscles work together, but cares very much about each one of his patients. I am always welcomed into the office with smiles and leave with more education in understanding how our bodies work and effect everything else. Thank you for keeping me healthier and pain free for years to come!
– JC

Dr Dan-Hero, Healer-helped me recover from falls on a variety of nerve and skeletal troubles! Also great with children, we are all healthier. Thanks go to taking time with Dr. Larsen. Laurie
– MK

Dr. Dan is the BEST chiropractor in Stillwater. Love this place!
Thank you, Dr. Larsen!! Feeling great after Drug-Free treatment!
– Karin M

Every visit leaves me refreshed and regenerated. I would love to come here every day!
– SL

Dr. Larsen is very informed of the chiropractic process and can make anyone feel welcome and comfortable.
– Lauren

Couldn’t make it without you!
– Greg B.

Dr. Larsen has been a vital part of efforts for me to live life fully without surgery or reliance from pain medication.
I love it here and without fail I always feel 100% better after Dr. Dan’s gentle treatment.
It’s a great day at Rivertown Chiropractic!


Dr. Larsen is the best! He gets us in at the at minute as needed and he always makes us feel better and smiles! Marilyn is Awesome too. Thanks
– R & N

I have seen many chiropractors and Dr. Larsen is the best. I appreciate the time and knowledge he has!
Chiropractic has been a part of my life for many years. After several injuries and suffering from chronic pain and headaches, I have worked with several chiropractors. Dr. Larsen is by far the bet. He has been highly effective in handling my health concerns to the point where I can participate in all the activities I love. Dr. Larsen is an exceptionally gifted chiropractor. He constantly advances his education and serves as a strong advocate for his patients.
Great Man! Great Job! Thank you.

Dr. Larsen is a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor. He focuses on patient needs, not pushing products and services for profit. Today there are so many “wellness spas” but Dr. Larsen is genuine. Marilyn is a gem to the office.
Changed my life inside and outside. Doc straightened my back and my life.
– JL

Slipped on the ice. Had to sleep in a chair. Now I can sleep in bed and get up with very little discomfort.
– Dave

I’m so glad I started coming to see Dr. Larsen. He gives my back pain the much-needed relief that it demands as I’m getting older.
– Tom C

Whenever I am sore and need an adjustment, I love that Marilyn and Dr. Larsen make sure I get right in and begin the road to recovery! Wouldn’t even think of getting care anywhere else.
– Heather K.

Dr. Larsen is the best! I switched chiropractors last year and never look. Dr. Larsen and Marilyn are so accommodating, comforting and positive!

This is a wonderful place to be!
– Rachel

My family and I just love Doc and Marilyn. They have changed my family life and health. They have such amazing hearts and they care about each patient. Thank you all for all you do.
– SP

Dr. Larsen, the BEST! I am helped!!
– Kristy R

Always here when I need him.
– Tom C.

Dr. Larsen is amazing! He’s always gotten me in when I need him the most and within a few visits I’m feeling great! I’ve been coming for years and never once had a complaint. Amazing!
– Amy S.

Kid’s Comments

I’m a New Man after the adjustment! I am a boy 9 yrs old.
– I am a boy 9 yrs old.

I always feel better when I walk out than when I walk in.
– 11 yrs old boy, LL

It was a miracle. Thank you for the adjustment
– 9-year old girl

Dr. Larsen makes my back better every time I go in.
– Abbie, 11 yrs old

I’m 9 years old and really like the adjustment.
– LR (boy)