Synaptic Electronic Therapy (SEA) has electronic signals that can safely and effectively create lasting pain relief for patients suffering with but not limited to other hallmark symptoms associated with painful chronic nerve conditions such as:

What is Synaptic Electronic Activation?
It is a method of pain-control that generates a sophisticated electronic signal with a wide frequency band, to modify neurochemicals naturally release in the body. The purpose is to safely treat and subdue the pain, numbness, and tingling that affects patients with varying degrees of neuropathy, nerve pain and chronic pain. Unlike other treatments, SEA requires no surgery, no narcotics and no opioids for natural pain relief.

How long are treatments?
As with any medical treatment, results and duration of treatment are dependent on the patient’s condition, treatment compliance, genetics, diagnosis and other factors. Typically, patients undergo treatment for 4-12 weeks.

How does it work?
The treatment delivers an electronic signal to the body’s deep tissues. The SEA variable waveform simulates the “electrical burst” (Action Potential) that occurs when cells (neurons) fire, rather than using a simple electrical output as with conventional devices (E-stim, TENS). SEA is delivered by one or more sets of electrodes placed at the pain site. The electrodes may be located strategically on/near the affected areas or closer to the central nerve branch for systemic treatment sweets. The electronic signal has a unique, biocompatible waveform, so called because of its similarity to the electric waveform generated by the human body.

Research has demonstrated that using SEA technology, the levels of neurochemicals are modulated both during and after treatment. It works both chemically and electrically. The neurochemical modulation explains the clinical results in terms of pain reduction, tissue anesthesia and analgesia, enhanced tissue resolution and reduction of symptoms associated with acute or chronic nerve pain.