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Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

The Sports Injury Treatment Professionals

No matter what sport you’re playing, it can put some wear and tear on your body. That being said, it’s common to deal with injuries and discomfort at some point or another. But as finding the treatment for these injuries is vital for recovery, the type of treatment used is also very important. If you live in Stillwater, North Saint Paul, or the surrounding area and you’re searching for sports injury treatment, pick up the phone and call Rivertown Health & Wellness today. We are proud to treat a wide range of different sports injuries from athletes of any age. Our chiropractors and other medical professionals have decades of experience with treating sports injuries, conducting rehabilitation programs, and much more.

The Sports Injury Treatment Professionals

What Sports Injuries Our Chiropractor Treats

Here at Rivertown Health & Wellness, we are happy to treat a wide variety of different sports injuries. While sports injuries come in multiple shapes and sizes, we can help diagnose the condition, and then offer a treatment plan that’s focused on your needs. Here are some common sports injuries treated here at our office:

  • Sore muscles
  • Torn ligaments
  • Muscle strain
  • Twisted ankle
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder discomfort
  • Broken bones
  • Pulled groin
  • And more!

With the wide variety of different sports injuries out there, it may be hard to find a professional to offer treatment for your needs. No matter what injury you’re dealing with, one call to Rivertown Health & Wellness is all it takes to find the help you deserve.

Outstanding Rehabilitation Solutions

Depending on the severity of your injury, you might need to go through rehabilitation treatment. Luckily, Rivertown Health & Wellness offers incredible solutions from some of the leading professionals in sports medicine. Given how a lot of sports injuries occur in the knee or shoulder, we can help rehabilitate these areas to improve range of motion, eliminate pain, and get you back on the field. Make an appointment with us today and we can discuss our treatment options more in-depth. Although many athletes hate the idea of rehabilitating their bodies, it’s sometimes necessary to fully recover from an injury and prevent one from happening in the future.

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Whether you have a twisted ankle, sore neck, or you’re looking to rehabilitate your shoulder after surgery, our chiropractor and medical professionals are here to find the treatment plan built for you.

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From shoulder pain, knee pain, or any other sports-related injury, our team at Rivertown Health & Wellness can get you back to playing the sports you love. For health and wellness solutions in Stillwater, North Saint Paul, and the surrounding areas, make an appointment with us today by calling 651-439-2712!



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