There are 3 components to good health:

  • Structural health refers to the chiropractic side of care through adjustments.
  • Neurological is another component to help with neuropathy and neurofeedback.
  • Metabolic is the third component and is important of one’s total health.

Blueprint Nutrition is used almost predominately by chiropractors in addition to some doctors in the medical field. A healthy body will keep adjustments longer and will heal faster from either acute or chronic conditions.

There are specific Blueprint nutritional products for the Knee and Neuropathy programs. Also, there are four nutritional programs which all come in their own kit:

  • Trust Your Gut: 90-day program which includes:
    1. Phase One: Extinguish (Heal and Seal)
    2. Phase Two: Clear (Detox and De-stress)
    3. Phase Three: Rebuild (Restore and Replenish)
  • Weight Loss: 30+ day program which includes 3 phases: Cleansing, Fat-Burning and Stabilization.
  • Wellness: Auto-shipped each month for maintenance. Designed to build and maintain your health after completing one of our other Blueprint programs.
  • Immunity: Recommended for 1-3 months. Boosts your immune system which is essential if you want to protect yourself from health issues and illness. Your immune system is absolutely one of the keys to your survival.

Bodysite is an app that can be downloaded into your email account. It is FREE and has multiple uses for metabolic enrollees. Each app is chosen to be congruent with the Blueprint nutritional program you are using.

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