Are you interested in ending your KNEE PAIN? Regardless of what level of pain you have, from just a little to excruciating, the Knee on Trac is your perfect therapy.

Usually, once pain occurs in the knee, there’s no going back and it will only continue to get worse over time, but it doesn’t have to. There is hope and the Knee on Trac is the solution.

Dr. Larsen told me I would get more active, decrease my inflammation, increase my range of motion, and speed up my healing process with KNEE ON TRAC. And that is what happened!

I came in for 24 visits over 8 weeks’ time. After the adjustment, I would relax on the Knee on Trac and let it do its job. It was gentle and felt good even though I started out with pain. The “heavy work” has been done…. now I look forward to maintenance visits only! Carol E.

KNEE ON TRAC is a state-of-the art revolutionary new piece of equipment that provides safe and effective non-surgical knee decompression. The KNEE ON TRAC system offers benefits for those suffering with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, previous injury, failed surgery and more. With chronic knee pain affecting the steps you take daily, improving quality of life is of utmost importance.

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