Coronavirus and Our Commitment to You

We’ve got your back and are open for business during normal business hours. We at Rivertown Chiropractic & Wellness want to be here for you and your families during this time so we are adding a few new precautions. These are in place for your safety and well-being as well as ours.

Please do not be offended when we refuse that hug or handshake and try to stay at least 6’ from you. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you! Dr. Larsen has some commercial-grade antibiotic sprays for the air, adjustment table, and his hands.

When you arrive for your visit, you will be given a check-in form with 3 simple questions:

  • Have you had any symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneeze, shortness of breath) in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has the COID-19 virus or was potentially suspected of having it and is waiting for a result?
  • Have you traveled outside of the country within the last 14 days?

You will also be given a quick temperature check on your forehead. Feel free to wear a mask if you so desire.

Cash, check and credit card transactions will be taken while wearing gloves.

PLEASE do not schedule an appointment if there is a chance you have been exposed to the virus or if you are not feeling well. PLEASE cancel any appointments for the same reasons.

Limit the number of people with you at your appointment: if someone rides with you, please ask them to remain in the vehicle, if possible. Because of the seriousness for children, the elderly and immune-compromised persons, we ask them to consider whether or not a visit would be advised.

We are now offering Teleconferencing for new patients. This technology will allow us to follow health guidelines and provide the same great care we did before. Contact us today to learn more.

We take the health and safety of you and your family seriously and will continue to be here for you as you need us!

Please follow the very well-made dashboard from Professor Lauren Gardner, a civil and systems engineering professor at Johns Hopkins University.