It’s important to realize that whether your car crash was minor or significant, an injury can occur (even in small fender benders). You may not even notice you have an injury for a few days, weeks, or months following your car crash. This is because for some people, the flight or fight hormones (like adrenaline) don’t return to their normal resting levels immediately following trauma, and such hormones can mask pain.

So how does Dr. Larsen treat auto injuries including whiplash?

Dr. Larsen can diagnose whiplash through various physical examination techniques, and then address your symptoms and underlying tissues in a variety of ways:

Our treatments are customized and change as you change. They are never a one-size-fits-all!

On the day of your accident (or as soon as possible thereafter) contact us at (651) 439-2712 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel J. Larsen who has had extensive training with all kinds of injuries.