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Dr. Larsen is the “go to” doctor in Stillwater and is the authority on chronic pain. He uses advanced Pain Relief Programs for chronic conditions and gets excellent results.

  • Do you experience chronic knee pain? Make an appointment to see Dr. Larsen.
  • Do you have neuropathy in your feet/hands? Call Dr. Larsen for relief.
  • Is chronic back pain an issue with you? See Dr. Larsen for the solution.
  • Are you interested in weight loss? Dr. Larsen’s has a program to do that.
  • Is there treatment for Plantar Fasciitis? Dr. Larsen can help you.
  • Other chronic issues? Check them out with Dr. Larsen.

Whatever it is that you are experiencing, Dr. Larsen wants to sit down with you and show you a way to treat your pain.

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