Rivertown Chiropractic & Wellness

Why us? Our clinic has a convenient "Walk-In-Policy" where appointments are not required for patients to receive treatment. This allows our patients to easily come in for treatment the day symptoms arise. New patients are seen right away which helps reduce recovery times from an injury.

​Dr. Larsen is the Chiropractor Physician for any kind of pain you have......from neck pain to back pain, headaches, whiplash injuries from a car accident, to fibromyalgia plus more. These are common problems we see all the time and most of the time we get very good results with chiropractic treatment.

New patients love the doctor's "bedside manner" while he treats them and welcomes them into the clinic. Moms-to-be, newborns, kids and teens (especially those involved in sports) round out our care for the entire family.

Please know that Dr. Larsen has taken "The Chiropractic Trust Pledge" which provides short-term chiropractic care for neck and back pain. He has agreed to provide chiropractic care that is convenient, affordable and mainstream. He will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.

5813 Neal Ave. North 
Stillwater, MN 55082
(near Kowalski's Market)

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